Nadsor - a computer monitoring system

  CALLS an arbitrary shell command or a whole script at regular intervals and puts its integer or float output into a database and displays current or old archived data on a graph with optional alerting via mail if value crosses chosen treshold. Click here for a short screencast.
Technology: Qt4/Qwt5 (C++)

Diploma thesis

  A DIGITAL Image Denoising Method Based on the Improved ICI (Intersection of Confiedence Intervals) Rule. Download (Croatian language, pdf).
Technology: MATLAB

Real-time Frequency Spectrum Analyzer and Synthesizer

 AMPLITUDE-frequency and phase-frequency spectrum analyzer of an arbitrary waveform with sound preview. It has ability to synthesize waveform from an arbitrary spectrum. User can modify (draw) waveform or spectrum using mouse pointer and see the results in real-time. Click on image below for a short screencast with sound.
Technology: Qt4 (C++), fftw (C), RtAudio.

Sine Plotter

 ADD arbitrary number of sine waveforms of different amplitudes, frequencies and phases and see the final waveform.
Technology: Qt4 (C++), Qwt, Blitz++.

Bode Plotter

 BODE plot is a combination of amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency diagrams of the transfer function of a LTI system. It is usually used to get amplitude and phase margin and determine if system is closed-loop stable. Aim was to get results similar to MATLAB's bode function. Application has also a web interface.
Technology: wxPython, matplotlib, scipy, numpy, PIL.


 SUBMIT your location, speed and altitude to the web server via HTTP request. Data is added to database and shown on google map. GPS data is extracted from a bluetooth receiver using gpspipe and parsing its output.
Technology: Lighttpd, python, fcgi, flup, xml, google maps api (javascript).

YouTube Clone

 A YOUTUBE clone with an extra functionality. It is possible to upload recorded video directly from mobile phone via MMS/e-mail to a special address. Mail server will not deliver that mail, but instead pass it to the python script which then calls ffmpeg to convert the video to flash and inserts it into database. Click on image below for a short screencast.
Technology: Lighttpd, python, django, sqlite, postfix, ffmpeg, jw-flv-player.

3D Graphics

IMAGES created before I started programming. Mostly Bryce 3D.